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Fissure Sealants

At Dentin Family Dentistry, we offer fissure sealants as a preventive dental treatment to protect your teeth from decay and cavities. Fissure sealants are thin plastic coatings applied to the chewing surfaces of molars and premolars, sealing off the deep grooves and fissures where bacteria and food particles can easily become trapped, leading to decay.

Urgent dental issues requiring immediate care, such as severe pain or injury.
Comprehensive dental care offering exams, cleanings and treatments.
  1. Prevent Cavities: By creating a smooth, protective barrier over the chewing surfaces of teeth, fissure sealants help prevent bacteria and food debris from accumulating in the pits and fissures, reducing the risk of cavities.
  2. Early Intervention: Fissure sealants are typically applied to the permanent molars and premolars of children and teenagers as soon as these teeth erupt. This early intervention helps protect newly erupted teeth during their most vulnerable stage and can prevent the need for more extensive dental treatment in the future.
  3. Long-Lasting Protection: Fissure sealants are durable and can provide effective protection against decay for several years with proper care and maintenance. Regular dental check-ups allow our dentists to monitor the condition of the sealants and reapply them as needed to ensure continued protection.
  4. Non-Invasive: The application of fissure sealants is a quick, painless, and non-invasive procedure that does not require drilling or anesthesia. It is an easy and comfortable preventive measure that can be completed during a routine dental visit.
  5. Cost-Effective: Fissure sealants are a cost-effective preventive dental treatment that can save you money in the long run by reducing the need for more extensive and costly dental procedures to treat cavities and decay.

Who Can Benefit from Fissure Sealants?

  • Children and teenagers who are at higher risk of developing cavities due to deep grooves and fissures in their newly erupted permanent molars and premolars.
  • Adults with deep grooves and fissures in their teeth who are prone to cavities and decay.
  • Individuals with a history of dental decay or who have difficulty maintaining optimal oral hygiene in hard-to-reach areas.

Why Choose Fissure Sealants at Dentin Family Dentistry?

  • Experienced and skilled dental team trained in the application of fissure sealants for patients of all ages.
  • Personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique dental needs and risk factors.
  • Gentle and compassionate care in a comfortable and welcoming dental environment.
  • Commitment to preventive dentistry and patient education to promote optimal oral health and wellness.
  • Convenient scheduling options and flexible payment plans to make preventive dental care accessible to all.

Protect your smile from cavities and decay with fissure sealants at Dentin Family Dentistry One of the best Markham Dental practices!. Schedule your appointment today and take the first step towards a healthier, happier smile.


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