Periodontal Disease and Osteoporosis

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Tips on periodontal disease and osteoporosis

Periodontal disease is characterized by a gradual loss of supportive tissue in the gums and jawbone, making it the primary cause of tooth loss in adults in developed countries. It occurs when toxins in plaque inflame and irritate the soft tissues around the teeth, leading to the destruction of gum tissue and underlying bone if untreated.

Osteoporosis, a metabolic bone disease commonly seen in postmenopausal women and less frequently in men, is marked by bone fragility, low bone mass, and reduced bone mineral density. Numerous studies have examined the relationship between periodontal disease and osteoporosis, with one study from the University of New York at Buffalo in 1995 finding that postmenopausal women with osteoporosis were 86% more likely to develop periodontal disease.

Several connections have been identified between osteoporosis and periodontal disease:

  • Estrogen deficiency during menopause accelerates oral bone loss, leading to attachment loss and destabilization of teeth.
  • Low mineral bone density, a hallmark of osteoporosis, makes bones more susceptible to breakdown exacerbated by inflammation from periodontal disease.

Early diagnosis of both osteoporosis and periodontal disease is crucial for effective management. Dental X-rays can screen for bone loss, enabling interventions to prevent and treat periodontal disease, which may in turn aid in managing osteoporosis. Estrogen supplements can reduce attachment loss and gingival inflammation in postmenopausal women. Dentists and doctors assess risk factors such as family and medical history, X-ray results, medications, and modifiable factors like tobacco use and poor diet to closely monitor patients at higher risk for both diseases.

For further information about periodontal disease and its relationship with osteoporosis, please reach out to our practice.

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